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"Stella was teaching me piano for over two years. She is an amazing teacher that explains things and is very understanding. Stella is demanding but motivates me to work harder, which helps me to get great results. If it wasn’t for StelIa I would not have performed so well."



"Stella’s dedication extends beyond syllabus which we have seen as she prepared the children for performances, music scholarships and successful entrance to Eton College and Wycombe Abbey.

Sebastian, Francesca and Natasha

Testimonials: Student Testimonials


Testimonials: Testimonials

"My daughter took piano lessons from Stella for over two years while Stella was living in London. Stella was preparing my daughter for piano examinations as well as teaching music theory. After Stella’s relocation, we continue having music theory lessons. Stella is patient, kind, and deeply passionate about music. I am tremendously grateful to Stella for everything she has taught my daughter over the years so far and the joy the music has brought to our house thanks to her. The progress that my daughter has made during the time with Stella as a teacher far exceeded any expectations, especially when it comes to online preparation for piano exams during the pandemic! Stella demonstrates patience through good and bad days and is ready to adapt for each student and presents information in the way that each student learns best. When it comes to my daughter, Stella set high standards and expectations and she made them very clear. My daughter has learned the benefits of self-discipline with regards to playing piano. Along with the technical aspects of piano, Stella addresses performance techniques as well which have been particularly helpful to my daughter for her piano exam performance. It must also be noted here that Stella is always happy to advise how to choose music pieces for one’s examinations. She offers interesting pieces from a variety of musical styles and periods, which helped my daughter to gain the skills to play increasingly complex pieces. Excellent teachers possess advanced technical ability! I am full of admiration for Stella’s impressive ability to prepare my daughter online for her examinations which resulted in my daughter receiving distinctions. I must also add that Stella, apart from explaining everything very clearly, also cares immensely about the mental side of children. She is excellent at balancing work and does not put too much pressure. Stella knows really well how much work to allocate to a child.
It is my great pleasure to recommend Stella to anyone, adult or child, as a piano teacher."


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